What is Senior Housing?

Like everything else in life, our housing needs change as we grow older. Adapting to these changes enables you and/or your loved one to live well now and prepare for the future. Senior housing places a stronger emphasis than traditional housing on accessibility, adaptability, safety and security. Housing options for older adults range from master-planned communities for ages 55+ to nursing homes that provide 24-hour care.

As you consider the different options, make a list of personal needs — financial, physical, mental and emotional — and schedule tours of the places that meet those needs. The best housing option for one person may not be a comfortable fit for someone else. Search our senior housing listings now, or call 1-833-4-AGIBLY to get answers to any questions you may have.

Alternatives to Senior Communities and Care Centers

When a home becomes too expensive or difficult to maintain but living in a care center isn’t necessary, there are other housing options for older adults.

Senior Real Estate

Many older adults choose to downsize or rightsize and move into a home that better meets their needs rather than compromising their lifestyle and/or safety by staying in their current home. Health issues may make it harder to do things once taken for granted like going up and down stairs in a split-level home or maintaining a large yard. Neighborhoods change over time and safety is often a concern for seniors as well.

When a move is imminent, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a Realtor® to sell your current home and buy a new place. While most real estate agents are familiar with the local market and have experience helping older adults find a one-level home or condo in a good neighborhood, Realtors adhere to a strict code of ethics. And Realtors with the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation have completed additional training and requirements to better meet the specific needs of clients over the age of 50.

There are also a variety of other professionals in the real estate industry who have the knowledge and resources to help older adults. Agibly's Trusted Providers can help you avoid common loan scams, simplify the translation and eliminate much of the anxiety often associated with selling a home.

Search for real estate agents, home inspectors, loan officers, movers, attorneys and other professionals with the resources and knowledge to simplify the process and eliminate much of the anxiety associated with buying and selling a home.

Make the Move With a Relocation Specialist

Moving at any age can cause anxiety, but it can be especially stressful for older adults. Physical and mental health issues, personal asset management and/or family dynamics add to the complexity of the transition. Whatever the circumstances, Certified Relocation & Transition SpecialistsTM follow a code of conduct and are trained to guide older adults through the entire process with ease and understanding. CRTS professionals include appraisers, estate sale specialists, home care providers, movers, professional organizers, real estate agents and others in the industry. Search our listings to get the professional help you need.