What is Senior Housing?

Like everything else in life, our housing needs change as we grow older. Adapting to these changes enables you and/or your loved one to live well now and prepare for the future. Senior housing places a stronger emphasis than traditional housing on accessibility, adaptability, safety and security. Housing options for older adults range from master-planned communities for ages 55+ to nursing homes that provide 24-hour care.

As you consider the different options, make a list of personal needs — financial, physical, mental and emotional — and schedule tours of the places that meet those needs. The best housing option for one person may not be a comfortable fit for someone else. Search our senior housing listings now, or call 1-833-MY-SENIOR to get answers to any questions you may have.


Senior Communities

Even if someone is physically and mentally able to live on their own, it can be socially isolating. Some people choose to sell their homes and use the proceeds to live in a community where they are surrounded by people their own age with similar abilities. There are amenities and activities galore — from pickleball courts to swimming pools and bingo nights — creating a carefree, vacation-like lifestyle.

Active Adult (55+)

Retirees often enjoy living in an age-qualified, master-planned community for active adults. It could consist of senior apartments, mobile homes, condominiums and/or stand-alone homes. The neighborhoods are often gated and common areas typically have wide, lighted sidewalks with benches. Most offer convenient access to public transportation. Residents are usually responsible for their own housekeeping and cooking but not yard work or exterior maintenance. Most active adult communities have bylaws residents must abide by. In addition to meeting the minimum age requirement, there may also be rules regarding pets, outdoor decorations and furnishings, non-resident access to community amenities and/or the number of days family members or other visitors may stay.

How Much Does a Home in a 55+ Community Cost?

The cost of living in an active adult community varies widely from one place to another. Location isn’t the only factor to consider, however. The more amenities a community has, the more fees you’ll pay above the monthly rent or mortgage. Like all real estate, purchasing a home in a 55+ community is often a good investment that appreciates over time.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Why spend your time weeding, raking leaves or shoveling snow? Communities for active adults offer maintenance-free living with age-appropriate amenities and activities. Search our listings to find 55-and-over apartments, condos and houses in desirable areas.