Behavioral/Mental Health

Now more than ever, older adults are faced with mental health challenges associated with isolation. Age-related sleep disorders and behavioral changes caused by dementia can also contribute to depression and/or anxiety in older adults. Mental health counseling for seniors can help you and/or your loved one lead happier, healthier lives. also has listings for family therapy and caregiver support groups that may be beneficial.


Whether you are looking for a general hospital or a VA hospital, turn to Agibly™. Find medical and surgical centers using our free online directory and get the specialized care you need for your illness or injury.

Arthritis/Joint Replacement

Whether you have a degenerative joint disorder like osteoarthritis or an inflammatory disorder like rheumatoid arthritis, it doesn’t have to diminish your quality of life. Arthritis joint replacement may be an option in severe cases, but there are often non-surgical ways to preserve joint function, improve mobility and control pain. Schedule an appointment with a Agibly™ Trusted Provider to get a diagnosis and determine the best treatment plan for your situation.

Senior Clinics & Doctors

The best doctors for seniors are those who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions older adults experience. From chiropractors to senior clinics and providers that make home visits, find the medical care you need on

Home Health Care

Whether you need intermittent or continuous in-home medical care, turn to Agibly™. Find home health agencies in your area using our free online directory and schedule physical therapy, occupational therapy, wound care and/or help from home health aides following an illness or surgery.

Hospice Care

When treatment is no longer an option for your loved one’s advanced disease or illness, turn to Agibly™. Search our directory of Trusted Providers to find home hospice companies or inpatient hospice facilities committed to giving your loved one comfortable, dignified end-of-life care. In addition to managing pain and addressing the patient’s other physical needs, hospice care also includes spiritual and emotional support.

Home Care (non-medical)

Non-medical home care makes it possible for older adults to age in place rather than relocating. Connect with a home care agency in your area through Agibly™. From light housekeeping and other homemaking services to companion care that includes transportation and medication management, our Trusted Providers offer a full spate of home help for seniors.

Heart Care

The symptoms of heart disease are often subtle in older adults, so it’s important to schedule regular checkups with a physician. Our Agibly™Trusted Providers offer a wide range of heart and vascular care, from basic health screenings to advanced surgical procedures and medication monitoring. Browse our listings to find a heart care center in your area.


The benefits of physical therapy for seniors are numerous, as are those of occupational therapy and even massage therapy. All can help older adults maintain or increase their independence, manage chronic pain and boost cognitive skills. Whether in-home therapy has been ordered by a physician following a short-term stay at a skilled nursing facility or you’re looking for ways to continue living comfortably in your own home for as long as possible, contact a Agibly™ Trusted Provider to schedule an assessment.


The American Diabetes Association advises older adults to get screenings for Type 2 diabetes a minimum of every three years, or as soon as you notice any diabetes symptoms. Search Agibly™ to find a medical professional capable of diagnosing the condition and creating a care plan that includes blood sugar management and diabetes exercises for seniors. Our online directory also includes Trusted Providers specializing in foot care and wound care associated with the disease.

Medical Alerts & Monitoring

Older adults can benefit from either monitored or non-monitored medical alert systems. Whatever health and safety concerns you may have, help is available with the push of a button on a medical alert monitoring bracelet or a simple voice command using a smart device in your home. Find trusted medical alert monitoring companies on and set up a system that offers the level of support you or your loved one needs.

Hearing, Vision & Dental Health

Older adults are encouraged to get vision, dental and hearing exams regularly, as well as seek treatment from medical professionals as soon as symptoms of sensory impairments are noticed. Early detection is the key to treating hearing loss, cataracts, glaucoma and other common conditions so you can maintain your independence for as long as possible. Search for audiologists, ophthalmologists and periodontists on and schedule an appointment today.

Advisors & Case Management

Assisted living, independent living or skilled nursing facility? It’s natural to feel uncertain about which type of senior housing will be the best fit for you or your loved one. Connect with one of the placement agencies found on and schedule an appointment with a coordinator. They will research viable options based on both your physical and financial needs and set up tours. Organizing the move may also be included in placement services.

Legal Services

It’s never too early to create a will, set up a trust or establish an estate plan. These legal services give you and your loved ones comfort and confidence. Use to find a reputable law firm in your area and learn more about legal aid and community legal services.