San Juan County Area Agency On Aging

Caregiver Respite Care Program

The purpose of the Caregivers Respite Program is to provide intermittent and/or time limited relief to caregivers of adults. The care receiver must be suffering from long-term illness or conditions where the level of such care giving responsibilities creates extreme stress and other sources of informal relief are not sufficient. The Respite Program shall be direct to caregivers or care receivers who are over the age of 60.

Utah Caregiver Support Program

The purpose of the Utah Caregiver Support Program is to provide information, assistance, support, caregiver training, respite, and counseling to caregivers of adults 60 years or older.

The Caregiver Support Program strives to help and support the efforts of family caregivers by providing a combination of services and information about available resources.

You are a caregiver if you...

  • provide direct financial support.
  • manage their personal finances.
  • do household chores for a person, such as shopping, cooking, laundry, and/or maintenance of their living quarters.
  • assist with personal care (dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting.)
  • provide assistance helping them move about.
  • provide transportation.
  • administer medication.
  • provide companionship by visits or telephone calls.
  • make or receive their telephone calls.
  • arrange for outside help.

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are a caregiver.

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